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Parsing Outline

Infoboxes are rendered from codeblocks of the type 'infobox'. The infobox syntax is inspired by Wikipedia's infobox module (aka Scribunto templating) with additional features for working in Obsidian.

Arguments are separated by pipes |. Arguments have three components: the ID, the Properties, and the Content. The properties and content may be omitted. The ID determines the behavior of the argument. The properties, which are optional, are placed in brackets following the ID. After the properties, an = indicates the beginning of the content, which is to be rendered inside that argument's element as markdown. Pipe characters inside of the markdown must be escaped with backslashes \| or they will split the argument. Unescaped pipes followed by one or more ampersands |& will split into subarguments, which is used for nested tables.

| :ca = Title
| :tr = Data
| :tr = Value

Is rendered as:

Note that the CSS featured in the screenshots is not yet packaged with the plugin.