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Easily create wiki-style infoboxes inside of your Obsidian notes.

Do you like putting infoboxes in your notes? I do. But to get the fine-grained control I wanted, I had to use HTML, which is a hassle to work with, and takes up an awful lot of space visually. This plugin includes some other features that just weren't possible with static elements, like conditional alternative positioning and collapsibles.

This plugin is designed for both flexibility and ease of use: whether you're making simple infoboxes or are pathologically incapable of resisting the urge to customize and tweak everything (like me) and need a plugin to enable your neuroses without filling your notes with HTML, Obsidian Infobox is here to gently massage the folds of your brain until it's totally smooth and all you can think about is infobox syntax. You'll see infoboxes in your dreams. I promise.