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Argument Nesting

Argument separators followed by one or more ampersands |& will be included into their parent argument as nested arguments. This is used by the elements :ta (table), :body, :head, and :foot.

Body, head, and foot elements render any nested arguments within themselve. Note that head and foot will disturb the table flow if overfilled. Only one foot and head each may be created (further creations are ignored, you may target existing foot/head with @foot/@head). Body elements will inserted after the default body (default body may be targeted with @body).

Table element arguments are more self-contained, possessing their own columns, caption, and autofill awareness (tabgroups are shared with the parent). When an argument that creates a table :ta has nested arguments, these arguments will be processed in that table. The maxCol of this table may be defined in the parent argument.

Tables may then be nested further by adding another ampersand. The nesting depth is arbitrarily limited to 10.

| !t = Nested Table
| :ta {$maxCol=4}
|& !l {width=33%;} = Row
|& !l = C1
|& !l = C2
|& !l = C3
|& !l = R1 |& !d |& !d |& !d
|& !l = R2 |& :ta {-3 $maxCol=3 height=100px} =
|&& !d = a1 |&& !d = b1 |&& !d = c1 |&& !d = a2 |&& !d = b2 |&& !d = c2
| !l = Another | !d = Element