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Template Metadata

Frontmatter in a template file is omitted from the template, and used to inform Skribi about your template.

To declare a field, add an entry with a key beginning with an underscore. When using the Insert Skribi command, you will be prompted to fill out the declared values. The value of the entry may be null or an object containing information about the field.

Valid object keys:

  • type: The type of field prompt. Defaults to "string", which currently the only valid type.
  • name: Sets the label of the field in the prompt (defaults to field key)
  • default: Sets the default value of the field in the prompt
  • placeholder: Sets the 'ghost text' of the field in the prompt (will not be visible unless default is empty or null)

Example of the frontmatter object syntax:

_val: {default: Fum, name: Value}

The above example will then prompt like so:

Which will insert {:templatename | foo: Fum}.