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Template Directory

Files in this folder are loaded as templates.

Script Folder

JS files in this folder are loaded as modules. For details, see Scriptloading.

Auto Reload

Enables the automatic rerendering of skribis when either their source template or the script cache changes.

Error Logging

Logs any render errors to the console, rather than only as a tooltip on the errored skribi. It's off by default because it spams the console while you're editing.

Verbose Logging

Provides additional information in the console.

Note that the displayed render times are inflated by async overhead. Also, the first evaluation of a skribi may take longer than subsequent evals. If you need more profiling tools, try the Performance Test command.

Template Suggestions

Presents a suggestion popover when invoking a template, similar to the suggestions when creating a wikilink. Will suggest templates as well as any property keys defined in the templates frontmatter (like the insertion modal).

CSS Animations

Toggles animations (adds the class 'skribi-anims' to the document body). There aren't that many animations, but just in case.

Render Presets

Defines presets used to generate render modal commands.