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The string content of a skribi is parsed by Eta into a function, which returns the object tR, which is rendered to markdown and appended to the container element. This means that any evaluated javascript inside of the skribi is invoked within the function context. Within said context, a number of functions, variables, references, and helper components are available to you.

Local Scope Variables

The following properties are defined in the local scope. This makes them restricted keys (don't assign to them or something might break).

this The template function's bound `this` object.
scope Internal object used to provide objects to the local scope. You may inspect this object to view the provided objects.
E, cb Internal Eta values, do not assign to them.
tR The string that will be returned by the template function.
skSkribi Module - Contains various skribi objects and functions, including template variables.
jsScriptloader Module - Contains JS functions and function-containing objects loaded from the configured Script Directory
intIntegration Modules - Contains any loaded integration modules. These modules will throw an error if accessed without the relevant plugin enabled.
obsidianObsidian Module - Contains Obsidian functions.
momentMoment Module - A reference to the global moment object, a powerful date and time manipulation tool. See MomentJS for documentation.