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If certain plugins are found to be loaded, an object containing functions for interacting with the plugin will be available in the int object.

When the relevant plugin is not loaded, accessing the module will throw an error, which (like any error) will abort the render if not caught with a try catch block.

If you would like integration with another plugin, you may make a request by opening an issue on the Skribi repository.



Currently this is just a reference to the plugin API (NOT the inline API like dataviewjs). I'm considering making this a wrapper with all the gizmos (helper functions).

For example: to render a dataview table, one would call int.dv.table(tableColumns, tableData, sk.child.el, sk.child.c, this.file.path). Note that dataview render functions like dv.table are not synchronous and do not return a table object or promise. If you want to interact with the resulting element in code, you'll need to await a DOM observer or something.


A wrapper for the WeatherPlugin API, with some utility functions.

Access the current weather cache with Better documentation for this will be added when Weather is released.