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Welcome to my gallery. Feel free to explore my small collection of renders.

Elder Scroll

May 2020

The titular Elder Scroll, from the Elder Scrolls RPG series. Emphasis on procedural materials.


April 2020

A Terraria character of mine, reimagined in 3D. A study in NPR characters and rendering.

Plasma Pistol

February 2020

An interpretation of the Plasma Pistol from the Halo series, AKA the Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol.

Battle Droid

December 2019

The iconic Star Wars battle droid, made from scratch. A fully rigged and posable high-poly model.

Model Xenon

November 2019

A short animation in the style of a phone commercial.

Iron Sword

November 2019

My version of TES Skyrim's Iron Sword. A rudimentary iron blade, good for leveling smithing. Materials procedural.